WhereNet Real-Time Locating System

Longest Range RTLS Capabilities and Performance in All Environments

WhereNet provides you a world-class platform that enables accurate asset and personnel visibility solutions over long-ranges. Our products are designed for applications requiring the ability to sense objects and personnel across a large space, and for operations in all types of environments.


Learn How Our Products Work Together

  • Amazing Level of Visibility

    Unlike other systems which limit sensors to specific coverage cells, Zebra’s solutions can be used over your entire facility, yielding maximum coverage. With maximum coverage you will have visibility into your entire business and operations, providing you with actionable data in order to make smarter decisions.

  • Incredible Range

    Zebra’s advanced WhereNet real-time location solution is capable of being read from over a mile away. This level of range will give your business the ability to track assets and personnel across a large facility or yard, allowing you to seamlessly forecast operations and improve efficiency.

  • Track in Real-Time

    Zebra’s real-time technology will allow you to streamline and automate your business operations to harness the visible value chain for business intelligence. With smart operations your business will be able to execute and plan in real-time, increasing efficiently and creating new opportunities.

Warehouse floor

Real-Time Visibility and Status Information on Your Assets

Zebra WhereTag


Constant Visibility

Battery-powered active RFID tags that enable the real-time precision tracking needed to access accurate, up-to-the second information on the location and status of assets. WhereTags are fully sealed for a RTLS application that can withstand tough indoor and outdoor environments. Tags are offered in two form factors, a first multimode RTLS asset tracking tag and a tag designed to transmit serial messages.

  • Enterprise Wide Asset Tracking
  • Configurable Power Output
  • Long Range and Battery Life
  • Size

    43.7 mm x 66.0 mm x 21.3 mm
    (1.72 in. x 2.60 in. x 0.84 in.)

  • Weight

    51 g (1.8 oz)

  • Durability

    1.8 m (6 ft) Drop to concrete

  • Output Power


  • Frequency Range

    2.4 to 2.483 GHz

  • Battery

    AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride cell (Not replaceable)

Zebra WhereLAN


Precise Visibility

WhereLAN sensors provide precise asset visibility in both indoor and outdoor spaces giving you unsurpassed accuracy. This sensor processes low-power signals emitted by Zebra's RTLS tags for the ultimate in asset tracking visibility.

  • Wireless time synchronisation suitable for heavy-industrial environments
  • Low-power consumption for solar-powered options
  • Capable of one metre location accuracy
  • Location Accuracy

    0,9 m R50, 1,6 m R95

  • Height

    25,9 cm (10.2 in)

  • Width

    31,0 cm (12.2 in)

  • Depth

    4,3 cm (1.7 in)

  • Weight

    3.3 kg (7.2 lbs)

  • Power Consumption

    48 VDC, 12 watts

  • Connectivity



Zebra WhereCall


Quickness and Accuracy

This real-time locating system (RTLS) wireless electronic Kanban (e-kanban) system ensures improved accuracy and efficiency in your material handling process delivering all the key benefits of LEAN manufacturing to your fast growing operations.

  • Provides wireless messaging
  • Saves cost of reconfiguring wired systems
  • Long battery life lowers cost of ownership
  • Frequency Range

    2.4 to 2.483 GHz

  • Height

    4.7"/12 cm

  • Width

    3"/7,5 cm

  • Depth

    1.6"/3 cm

  • Weight

    6.0 oz/170 g

  • Power

    Two "AA" Size Lithium

Zebra WhereWand



Make configuring your RTLS asset tags, exciters and location sensors simple and fast with Zebra's WhereWand configuration tool. Working in conjunction with a hand-held computer, the simple user interface device guides you through the process of reading or setting device parameters, while the built-in barcode scanner permits fast entry of RTLS tag IDs.

  • Enables users to configure all WhereNet tags, exciters, sensors and access points
  • Simple user interface
  • Built-in barcode scanner to allow for fast entry of tag IDs
  • Operating Temperature Range:

    0ºC to +55ºC (+32ºF to +131ºF)

  • Storage Temperature Range

    -20ºC to +85ºC (-4ºF to +185ºF)

  • Humidity

    5% - 95% non-condensing

Zebra WherePort



WherePort proximity communication exciter products help you track your assets. This product triggers asset tags, knows where your assets are and knows where they are going. Zebra offers three different types of WherePorts to serve multiple situations: indoor, outdoor and harsh environments.

  • Thin Profile Design
  • High Precision Range Control
  • Real-time control of functions
  • Input Voltage

    48 VDC or PoE (802.3af compliant)

  • Diameter

    19,35 cm (7.62in)

  • Depth

    6,66 cm (2.62in)

  • Weight

    1.0 Kg (2.2 lbs)

  • Power (max)

    12.95 Watts (PoE)

  • Power (typical)

    8 Watts

Success Story

Delivering Real Time Locating Systems to Provide Visibility, Velocity and Process Improvement for the US Air Force

Success Story


Success Story

WhereTag quickly locates the precise location of items to prevent bottlenecks