Temperature Monitoring and Sensing

Zebra temperature sensors and monitors

Monitor Temperature Sensitive Vaccines, Biologics and Food

Zebra temperature monitoring and sensing devices, manufactured by Temptime®, provide the insights you need to help you ensure the integrity and cost effectiveness of vaccines, biologics and food products during storage, shipping and handling, and utilisation.

Vaccines, biologics and food require strict control of environmental parameters — temperature range, humidity level, light exposure and more — not only to satisfy compliance but also to protect product effectiveness and end-user safety.

Zebra's devices monitor environmental exposures critical to maintaining the quality of your products in pharmaceutical, biotech, blood banks, emergency medical service, food distribution and other organisations.

  • Rely Upon Quality Solutions

    Zebra offers a wide variety of patented temperature monitoring and sensing devices, some of which are FDA-cleared medical devices. Our solutions have been tested in the field in multiple use cases to assure consistent and reliable performance in the sensing of cumulative heat exposure, threshold heat and freeze events. Our rigorous GMP-compliant and ISO-certified quality systems align with your expectations of high quality and reliability.

  • Make Temperature Monitoring Easier

    Using inadequate devices to monitor the temperature of vaccines, biologics and food can slow workflows, burden personnel and increase costs and the potential for errors. Zebra offers proven solutions that make temperature monitoring easier to increase efficiencies and accelerate your workflows with best practices in monitoring biological products.

  • Customise Your Solution

    Zebra can customise a temperature monitoring and sensing solution to fit your unique stability profiles, storage requirements and shipping demands. Our indicators for temperature-sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical devices support a wide range of applications and use cases.

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Time-temperature indicators and threshold heat indicators provide an irreversible visual indication when temperature-sensitive products are exposed to excessive heat.

FREEZEmarker® easy-to-read freeze indicators provide a visual indication when temperature-sensitive products are exposed to freeze events.

When environmental exposure can impact the quality of your product or processes, immediate identification of the impact is critical. Printable Indicators allow you to print variable text and barcodes alongside a sensor that provides a visual indication to frontline workers.

Safe-T-Vue® blood temperature indicators provide a visual indication when blood products, plasma and RBCs have reached or exceeded 6°C or 10°C to ensure compliance.

Monitor temperature-sensitive products across cold chain logistics from manufacturer to distributor, and hospital, clinic or pharmacy to the patient or end user with Zebra’s TransTracker® and Electronic Temperature Sensors.

Fresh-Check® food temperature indicators provide a visual indication when subjected to temperatures that can impact freshness.

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