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Assurance That Any Zebra Solution Works With Existing Systems

Successfully introducing a new business solution into an organisation means checking it works with existing IT systems. Not every organisation has the time or resources to conduct thorough testing. Yet without it, the results can be lengthy delays and longer time to ROI.

Solution Validation ensures that any new Zebra solution is compatible and validated with the existing systems and custom workflows. With end-to-end integration and functional testing from the market leader, Solution Validation offers the reassurance that a project is ready to deliver.

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  • Check Custom Apps Work With Zebra Devices

    Compatible testing provides the assurance that a unique application has been independently tested by the industry leader. By verifying use with Zebra devices, it minimises deployment risk and ensures smooth adoption across the business.

  • Confirm Quality and Use Case Functionality

    For businesses that need to test various day-to-day use cases, Solution Validation reduces the burden on internal IT teams. Covering customised Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications and in-house solutions, it offers quality testing and highlights any issues with user functionality.

  • Confidently Introduce Edge-Data Solutions

    Solution Validation enables the confident introduction of new edge-data solutions and provides reassurance about expected levels of business performance. This is particularly useful when the organisation is looking to introduce new intelligent edge and enterprise mobile applications.

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