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Visualise a New Data Solution for Proof of Concept With Input from the Experts

Intelligent edge solutions are emerging sets of technologies that offer major business results. Yet without a tangible proof-of-concept it can be difficult to realise the benefits.  Solution JumpStart creates the “art of what's possible” so businesses can visualise an intelligent edge solution or simply optimise a related application. Best practice sharing offers guidance on software engineering, while solution optimisation involves Zebra experts in the proof-of-concept. With this support, it’s easy to accelerate new projects to meet business goals.

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  • Quickly Visualise New Ideas

    Developing new edge-data solutions can be challenging as team members struggle to visualise the solution and see the potential value. Solution JumpStart helps present proof-of-concept by providing expert guidance and working demos of the potential solution.

  • Overcome Complex Issues

    Legacy infrastructure and existing applications can be obstacles to solution development. With best practice sharing, the business can rapidly architect and develop new concepts by learning from successful projects elsewhere.

  • Optimise Zebra Apps to Maximise Zebra Capabilities

    As Zebra technology advances, existing and new applications should be able to take advantage of the new Zebra features. With solution optimisation, the development team benefits from software engineering direct from Zebra experts.

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