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Leverage Zebra Software Expertise in Enterprise Mobility and Edge-Data Integration

Solutions that use data from the edge of the network offer clear commercial opportunities. But it is not always easy to introduce these new solutions into the business. This new Signature Service integrates new edge-data solutions into existing systems— leading businesses directly where they need to be. It combines Zebra expertise in mobility, edge-data technology, and business logic workflow with integration best practice. With access to skilled developers, leading UI/UX architects, and the latest integration capabilities, the result is faster time to value from edge-data.

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  • Create a Migration Pathway for Legacy Mobile Apps

    Software Integration provides a migration pathway from a legacy mobility app to a future mobile app, so the business can push forward with operational improvements.

  • Quickly and Cost-Effectively Customise Mobile Apps

    Application Services include custom app development and integration for enterprise mobility, mobile app migration, edge-data solutions, and for Zebra printers to ensure new software is productive. Integration Connectors & Applets reuses software components to save costs.

  • Manage Software with Much Less Effort

    Software Integration includes custom software Lifecycle Management to ensure unique software is supported and maintained by the software engineering team that created it. The end result is a major reduction in risk, internal costs, and the burden on internal teams.

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