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Deliver a Full Return on Investment for New and Existing RFID Projects

New use cases for RFID emerge every day—from Manufacturing to Retail to Transportation. Yet the productivity and efficiency gains are easily lost in poor design, incomplete integration, or missed opportunities. RFID Design will improve the speed, cost, and probability of success of any RFID project. By focusing on RFID Commissioning, RFID Assessment Design, and RFID Go-Live Troubleshooting, Zebra will optimise any RFID project regardless of the scale. Based on Zebra’s experience as a leader in the field, RFID Design uses proven RFID best practice to ensure the project delivers the anticipated improvements in business performance.

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  • Make a Success Of a Rapid RFID Deployment

    With RFID Commissioning, Zebra will architect and design an entire RFID solution for a swift implementation. This includes optimised hardware, software, tags, and network integration covered by RFID Integration Services and RFID Commissioning & ATP.



  • Take Full Advantage of RFID Opportunities

    Zebra manages the RFID design of any aspect of an overall solution from start to finish. This includes an RFID Operational Workshop, RFID Site Survey, RFID Design Workshop, and install assessment as well as commissioning and go-live support.

  • Ensure Top Performance From RFID Projects

    Zebra provides the technical expertise to manage and maintain a fully deployed RFID solution. With a dedicated RFID Go-Live Workshop, RFID Audit & Troubleshooting, and RFID Technology Consulting, it’s easier to guarantee ongoing performance against business objectives.

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