Quick Service Restaurant Solutions

Quick Service Restaurant employee giving card back to customer

Innovating Quick Service Restaurants Solutions

You're guided by one thing in your quick service restaurant: the customer is always right. And today's customer wants to be right, right away, and now more than ever—safely.

With Zebra quick service restaurant solutions, you can scale your operations and energise your staff to ensure fast, safe and satisfying guest experiences. Speed up inventory counts, decrease wait times, ensure food safety and increase overall guest satisfaction.

With Zebra, you’ve got this.

  • Elevate the Guest Experience

    Let's scale your customer experience with a digital backbone to serve customers faster and safer, while driving your bottom line. Let's leverage technology to optimise service, provide an outstanding dining experience, and keep customers feeling highly regarded, individually fulfilled and personally safe. Zebra helps you provide the right customer experience, right away.

  • Make Your Operations Smarter

    Let augment your workers, reveal timely data-driven insights and stay ahead of what next. With Zebra quick service restaurant solutions, you have the capabilities to make your operations smarter all around. Let preserve workers’ well-being, connect workflows and enable more agile in-store operations, curbside pick-up, drive-through and deliveries with technology backed by a legacy of innovation.

  • Manage Inventory

    Let get inventories fully visible and under control, flowing lean and uninterrupted. With Zebra quick service restaurant solutions, you can accelerate your inventory management, reduce waste, and spend more time making sure your front-of-store presentations are appetising. With food at the right temperatures and tastes, you’ll know you have what you need for optimum service delivery.

Browse Quick Service Restaurant Solutions To Keep Your Operations Fresh

Develop stronger, more personalised guest experiences.

Leverage technology to ensure food safety and safeguard guests.

Comply with government mandates and keep your customers safe.

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Slash wait times and drive efficiency with Zebra enterprise-grade tablets.

Automate inventory to increase productivity and reduce waste and costs.

Increase your sales, enhance productivity and increase guest satisfaction.