Mass Merchants

Store associate with mobile device in apparel department of mass merchant store

Maximise Profits, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Retail operations are only as strong as their weakest link. For over 50 years, Zebra has been a proven, market leader leveraging longstanding relationships with customers and partners to help mass merchant retailers increase sales, optimise the customer experience and drive labour productivity. Let's accelerate every process from manufacturer to customer delivery and improve essential key performance indicators throughout every one of your stores. Maximize profits, efficiency and customer satisfaction with Zebra. You’ve got this.

  • Elevate The Experience

    Leverage data capture and analytics capabilities that enable you to innovate and optimise your operations for greater customer satisfaction. Zebra's retail-ready solutions are consistently delivering for you so you can shift your focus toward customers and deliver a premium shopping experience.

  • Enable A Smarter Operation

    Integrate your supply chain, implement dynamic fulfilment and realise transformational gains with Zebra's best-in-class ecosystem of hardware, software and services. From receiving to picking and staging to loading, Zebra helps your operations become smarter, more agile, optimised and connected to better manage your inventory, people and assets.

  • Optimize Inventory Performance

    Solving inventory problems doesn’t need to be a complex mystery of endless possibilities. Now you can spot and fix inventory inconsistencies a thousand miles away or just around the corner. With the Zebra Prescriptive Analytics™ Inventory Module, you’ll be able to analyse all anomalies, whether they’re coming from your vendors, suppliers or stores and instantly know the root cause and next best action to take.

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Get inventory under control, visible and available in real-time with Zebra's Inventory Solutions.

Deliver click and collect profitably from back of the store, on the floor, fulfilment centre, delivery to door and more with Zebra solutions.

Optimize returns and put aways and ensure shelves are always stocked and ready to serve shoppers.

Improve allocation efficiency, forecast accuracy, and compliance and boost sales, margins and your customer experience.

Help workers help you achieve more. Let Zebra Reflexis Task Manager ensure the right associate is in the right place, and get real-time visibility into what's happening and being done.

Cut labour costs and time spent scheduling. Zebra Reflexis Workforce Management Modules accurately forcasts and schedules labour to anticipate demand and factor in workload, budgets, foot traffic and more ensuring workers are compliant and stores properly staffed.

Get the word out fast, certain that your teams will recieve your alerts, notifications and instant messages. Use the conveinient Reflexis mobile platform to simplify communicaiton.

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics™ implements fast, without dispruption and enables you to overcome the time, labour and management challenges of stopping profit leaks, optimising inventories and improving workflows at scale.