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Speed up User Adoption of New Solutions With Customised Learning From Zebra Learning Services

Set your teams up for success from day one and beyond. Learning as a Service ensures employees get the knowledge they need to help deliver rapid returns on your new edge-data solution technology. Delivered how you need it — from on-device point of need learning to instructor-led training in a classroom — Learning as a Service ensures the success of your people and your technology investment.

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  • Cut the Time to Introduce New Tech

    Learning as a Service enables a fully trained workforce to conduct new tasks and business functions more effectively. With on-device point of need and custom learning options across all Zebra products, services, and solutions, this is the fast track to end user adoption.

  • Quickly Bring Employees Up to Speed

    Whether it’s seasonal workers or high turnover staff, the longer it takes to train people, the more chance the business will lose the benefits of any new data solution. Tailored learning pathways ensure end users learn new concepts quickly, in a way that works for them.

  • Track and Optimise User Performance

    Learning analytics enables employers to track user training and qualifications. The results help to identify areas of improvement and ways to customise training to individual users.

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Zebra Mobile Learning Platform

Accelerate your user's adoption of new technology applications, processes and features. Zebra’s mobile learning platform puts training right at your employees’ fingertips with how-to videos and other easy-to-use, highly effective training developed by our technology experts. Zebra’s mobile learning platform is available on any Zebra Android device.

Video on Device

Zebra's Video on Device (VOD) application provides on-the-job learning and support for users when and where they need it. Your employees can watch short, easy-to-follow how-to videos.

Know It Now

Take training one step further. Zebra’s Know It Now service offers bite-size, tailored learning videos mapped to specific points of an application to provide contextual awareness to the user in the moment of need.

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Custom Training

Together with our range of standard offerings, our team of experienced learning professionals can scope, design and build custom content designed to meet your business priorities and to provide learning for your workforce precisely when, how and where its needed.

Custom Training Assessment

Realise a faster path to ROI and address any barriers for adoption with custom training assessment services. Zebra will provide leading market studies and performance indicators, success criteria, adoption strategies, rollout best practices and specific learning journeys.

Custom Online Training (OLT)

Get customised learning solutions that comprise of online learning modules which can be delivered via a learning management system for tracking purposes or stand alone.

Custom Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Get custom-designed instructor-led learning on your specific solutions in an in-person classroom or small group setting.

Custom Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Attend live training remotely regardless of where you are. Custom VILT is an online, connected solution where instructors and students do not have to be in the same location.

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Product Training

Get product specific training to assist your users in adopting their new technology and using it to the fullest.

Workforce Connect Training

Get on-device videos as well as in person and virtual instructor led training for Zebra's Workforce Connect products.

SmartLens Training

Make the most of your investment with our comprehensive custom training packages. SmartLens training can include virtual, in person and/or online training as well as videos.

Location Solutions

Better manage and optimise your critical assets, streamline operations and create more efficient workflows with our location solutions training.


Build a foundation to select products, recommend solutions and plan for a RFID deployment.

Intelligent Cabinets

Make the most of Zebra’s Access Management Software (ZAMS) and optimise the administration of your Intelligent Cabinets with our video-based and virtual instructor-led training offers.

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Market Specific Training

Zebra Learning Services offers training specifically geared towards your market needs to assist your users in adoption and using their new technology to the fullest.


Expedite user adoption of new technologies. Various training packages specifically designed for our Healthcare customers include combinations of instructor led training and Zebra’s mobile learning platform.


Help employees work comfortably and competently with the new technology from day one. Get learning packages specifically designed for retail customers that include Zebra’s mobile learning platform offering.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Whether it's a new technology roll out or ongoing, on-the-job support, Zebra Learning Services has designed learning packages that fit your needs.


Build employee confidence around new technologies. Zebra Learning Services packages for Transportation use a layered approach comprised of online learning, instructor led learning and videos.


Ensure the right training at the point of contact. Zebra Learning Services creates custom packages for each of our government customers.

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Printer Maintenance Training

To ensure proper printer maintenance and allow for maximum uptime and optimised print quality, Zebra provides expert training where Technicians get the skills, they need to successfully support the installation, use, and diagnostics of Zebra Industrial and Commercial barcode and card printers and print engines. The trainings provide the diagnostic skills necessary to solve common problems and effectively maintain your printers. Thus, helping reduce downtime and increasing productivity.

Trainees learn correct printer operation through hands-on activities, such as:

  • Proper loading of media and ribbon
  • Set-up of printers
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Diagnosis of printing problems
PTIND-7101 / Zebra Industrial Printers Maintenance

Class content focuses on the Zebra series ZT600 and ZT510 printers.

PTIND-7102 / Zebra Commercial Printers Maintenance

Class content focuses on the Zebra series ZT400 and ZT200 printers.

PTPRI-7101 / Zebra Print Engine Maintenance

Class content will focus on the maintenance and installation of the ZE500 in an applicator.

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