Hospitality and Event Wristbands

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Enhance Guest Experience With Durable, Versatile Hospitality and Event Wristbands

Ensuring great guest experiences is your ultimate aim. Durable, versatile Zebra guest wristbands empower your front-line staff to focus on creating memorable experiences—not inconveniencing your guests with reprinting and rebanding. Our broad portfolio of thermal barcode and RFID hospitality and event wristbands enables your staff to implement cashless POS, manage entry seamlessly, reduce ticket fraud, simplify transactions and even track guests’ last best-known locations.

  • Durable

    Tested to stand up to physical impacts, water exposure and environmental conditions found in a wide variety of hospitality scenarios, Zebra has your solution—whether your guests are enjoying a single-day event or a longer holiday stay.

  • Versatile

    To meet your flexibility needs, Zebra gives you guest wristbanding versatility. On-demand printing reduces shrinkage and tamper-resistant designs prevent counterfeiting and theft. And, each wristband has the capability to contain everything guests need to enjoy their events and stays, from coupons to special admission access. Zebra can meet any wristbanding need.

  • Made for Venues Like Yours

    Whether you need to issue one-day wristbands, multi-day RFID wristbands or your wristbanding needs are in between, Zebra has the solution. Options in wear duration, water exposure and short- and long-range RFID suit venues such as:

    - Amusement parks
    - Festivals and concerts
    - Waterparks
    - Family entertainment centres
    - Holiday destinations
    ...And many more

Z-Band Thermal Wristband Solutions

Streamline guest experiences.

With adhesive closures and seven colour options, Z-Band Fun wristbands suit one-day events with minimal water exposure. Z-Band Splash wristbands are designed for multi-day duty and available in seven colours with water-resistant adhesive closures for excessive water exposure.

Front view of Zebra`s Wristband Solutions

+ Z-Band Thermal Wristband Solutions Portfolio

Product Name Description Closure Sizes Resources
Z-Band Fun
  • Classic Wristband
  • For single day use with minimal water exposure
  • Available in 7 colours
Adult Z-Band Fun Spec Sheet
Z-Band Splash
  • Classic Wristband
  • For multi-day use with water-resistant adhesive closure for excessive water exposure
  • Available in 7 colours
Adult Z-Band Splash Spec Sheet

Z-Band Thermal RFID Wristband Solutions

Improve Payment Efficiency

Enhance experiences with Z-Band® UHF RFID thermal printable wristbands. The SR version suits applications where the wristbands are in close proximity to an RFID reader—such as cashless POS or event admission/re-entry. The LR version suits applications where wristbands are greater distances from RFID readers or RFID portals, such as guest tracking.

Z-Band Direct UHF RFID SR Wristbands

+ Z-Band Thermal RFID Wristband Solutions Portfolio

Product Name Description RFID Technology Type Closure Sizes Resources
Z-Band Direct RFID SR
  • Durable and disposable direct thermal RFID classic wristband with BT0600 inlay
  • Designed for applications where wristband is in close proximity to an RFID reader
  • Ideal for cashless POS, and access management at an event
Adult Z-Band UHF RFID Wristband Fact Sheet
Z-Band Ultrasoft RFID LR
  • Soft, durable and disposable direct thermal RFID wristband with flag
  • ZBR2002 inlay designed to provide improved read ranges when used against the human body
  • Designed for use when wristband is further away from an overhead RFID reader or RFID portal
  • Track a guest's best last known read location throughout a venue

Additional Hospitality and Event Wristband Solutions

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