General Purpose Scanners

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No Matter the Scan, Zebra is There.

Capture Confidently with General Purpose Scanners

Give store associates the ability to provide great customer service with scanners that have more skills. Any type of code that comes their way—printed or electronic, torn or damaged—can be read swiftly.

Any task from point of sale to backroom inventory is streamlined when associates have full-shift battery power, can read multiple codes at once, and are provided actionable insights to resolve issues faster. Scale this new scanning experience easily with remote fleet management and ongoing support from experts in the field.

You'll watch lines move faster, stocking get simpler, and customers leave satisfied when your associates can work with confidence.

Browse General Purpose Scanners

No matter what type of handheld scanner you need, you'll find it in our broad portfolio - designed to meet a wide range of scanning applications and budgets.

This scanner family combines hands-free convenience and rapid-fire swipe speeds to boost productivity - delivered in a small footprint to fit in any environment, no matter how space-constrained your counters may be.

Our in-counter scanners provide rapid check-out results right at the retail point of sale.

Zebra's series of companion scanners enables enterprises to easily implement 1D/2D scanning where mobility is needed most.

Go beyond the barcode with intelligence that simplifies the entire scanning experience.

Let Zebra Help You Design a Solution to Meet Your Needs

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Which Scanner is Best for You?

Find out which scanners suit your needs based on your industry, environment and requirements. Our fast and detailed analysis will help guide you to making the right choice and a wise investment.

Healthcare employee cleaning and disinfecting a Zebra mobile device

Santise for Safety

Use our interactive tool to find and print disinfecting instructions for your Zebra scanner.

Celery sits on the checkout scanner

The Checkout Process Just Became More Colorful – and Much Faster – at Grocery and Retail Stores

The Zebra MP7000 multi-plane imager now available with a high-resolution color camera that supports new applications to speed up produce scans and improve checkout accuracy.