Food Temperature Indicators

Deliver Visual Temperature Assurance on Every Package

Perishable products lose their freshness and shelf life fast when exposed to high temperatures. Product date codes are helpful to indicate freshness, but are accurate only when products are kept within proper temperatures.

Zebra Fresh-Check food temperature indicators, manufactured by Temptime®, are self-adhesive time-temperature indicators that can monitor food from the plant to the store to consumers’ homes. When exposed to heat, Zebra food temperature indicators change colour to indicate exposure to heat that can accelerate spoilage.

They are the perfect on-package fresh food management tool, instantly and visually indicating that the freshness may have been impacted by heat exposure.

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  • Make Product Freshness Easy to See

    Many perishable foods are pre-packed, preventing consumers from smelling or touching the product to check freshness. Making freshness easy to see, Zebra food temperature indicators gradually change colour when exposed to temperature. They darken irreversibly to show when to use or not to use the product within the product date codes.

  • Support Consumer Health

    Most fresh produce items lose nutritional value as they are exposed to heat over time. The fresher these products are when eaten, the greater the nutritional benefits to the consumer. Zebra food temperature indicators monitor heat exposure that can cause nutritional loss.

  • Reduce Food Waste

    An effective on-package food freshness management tool, Zebra food temperature indicators help distributors, store workers and consumers determine whether or not the food is fresh with just a glance, preventing food from being thrown away and wasted because there is no assurance of its freshness.