Food Safety Supply Chain Solutions

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Transform Your Food Supply Chain for Traceability and Transparency

Costly food recalls, outbreaks of foodborne illnesses, compliance regulations and higher consumer expectations are critical factors driving rapid change in the food and beverage industry. As a result, enterprises in the food supply chain—from the manufacturing plant floor, to transportation and logistics operations, and retail companies—are challenged to implement more effective food safety processes.

Zebra portfolio of solutions delivers the power you need to improve food safety procedures and ensure compliance. With solutions to enable inventory visibility, digitised checklists, automated temperature monitoring and sensing, labelling and more, Zebra helps you transform your food supply chain from farm to fork for safety, traceability and transparency.

Optimise Food Safety Processes

Zebra food safety supply chain solutions automate and digitise processes to complete tasks faster and more accurately. Whether you need to eliminate time-intensive, paper records to free your workers from manual, pen-and-paper workflows, or you’re looking to increase your investment in food monitoring technology—Zebra enables an ecosystem of track and trace solutions for unrivalled insights into the food supply chain, as well as employee monitoring and accountability.

Meet Regulations More Efficiently

Facing new and more rigorous food safety regulations, companies in the food supply chain must provide greater transparency. Zebra food safety solutions are purpose-built to help enterprises maintain compliance and recognise issues before they become a problem. Zebra helps your business more efficiently meet food and beverage safety standards, reduce food outbreaks and avoid the high costs of food recalls.

Earn Consumer and Customer Trust

In today market, consumers want to know what in their food, where it came from, and that it is safe for consumption. By providing tech-enabled traceability and supply-chain visibility, Zebra gives you access to a portfolio of smart tools to earn consumer trust and grow your business with your customers.

Get a Fresh Take on Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Implement the right technology that automates and digitises processes to build strong workflows with efficiency and transparency. Enable quick, informed and accurate actions to support supply chain stability. Watch the video to learn more.

Learn More About the Path Toward Better Food Safety Through Traceability

Build Your Food Safety Supply Chain Solution


Gain unrivalled visibility into the food supply chain with Zebra track and trace solutions. Automate food safety procedures and ensure compliance using Zebra range of mobile computers, scanners, printers, RFID products, locationing solutions, and temperature monitoring and sensing technologies.


Zebra RFID labels and barcode labels and tags ensure high print quality, durability and read performance, as well as reduced printer wear and tear.

Software and Applications

Fight fragmentation and keep your team constantly connected and in contact whether they’re on the floor or in the field with Zebra software solutions.


Zebra is at your service to provide support at every stage of your food supply chain technology solution implementation.