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Center of Excellence Elite Team


1. Who are the primary Coaches?

a. David Marsh & other MAC staff. David will also enjoy the assistance of top visiting coaches, and interns.

2. Is there a support staff behind the program?

a. Yes. MAC COO, Scott Findorff, MAC Executive Board representative (Jeff Gaeckle), MAC Elite Program Coordinators Kenny Colbert, Bob Santoli, Peter Hollett and 2 staff

b. Overseeing Employment / Internships, Mentoring, Financial (fees & support), Housing, Travel, Education, Medical - Dental, Physical / massage therapy

3. What is the selection criteria?

a. Basically an athlete must have Olympic Trial cuts, be a member of a National or National Junior Team.

b. Of course exceptions will be made by the head coach based on his determination

4. Where will the MAC Elite program be based?

a. Huntersville, NC & Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics ()

5. What will be the ideal group size?

a. 15 to 20 based on current resources.

6. What day will training start under Dave?

a. Dave will arrive in Charlotte on a full-time basis on April 16, 2007

7. Who will be training at MAC?

a. Mark Gangloff is the only formal signee at this point, but many collegians (for summer training), various High School, and post grads are strongly considering training at MAC under Coach Marsh and his Elite Program staff.

8. Are athletes recruited to the MAC Elite Team?

a. No. Athletes that show interest are given appropriate materials and contacted on their terms. If interested, we encourage swimmers to carefully consider their current training situation, talk to their coaches, and in most cases stay where they are.

b. The MAC / USA Swimming Center of Excellence is primarily a resource for building USA Swimming and supporting USA Swimming Clubs. It will adhere to all USA Swimming and ASCA rules, regulations and standards of conduct with regards to transferring athlete participation.

9. Roughly how many members of the current MAC team do you plan to include on the Elite team?

a. Hard to say, but I suppose there will be 5 to begin with, more to join and many will rotate thru for exposure.

10. Do we only represent MAC or is their dual representation?

a. MAC will be your primary representation, but we greatly desire to give recognition to those who helped in your development, and there will be opportunities to represent those.

11. What support will we receive, and will MAC pay us to represent them?

a. In general the amount of support an athlete receives will be determined individually, based on achievement and future prospects.

b. Current plans do not include compensation to swim for MAC.

12. What competitions will Elite Athletes be involved with, both tapered and not tapered?

a. No exact determination, though developing a conceptual season plan is another priority. You should assume you will be attending Sectionals, Nationals, US Open, a couple key Grand Prix meets, and 1 or 2 international events.

13. Do we sign a contract to swim for MAC, and how will potential endorsement conflicts be handled?

a. Yes there will be some form of agreement between MAC and each Elite athlete.

b. Endorsement conflicts may be an issue at some point, but they will not be unexpected, or left unresolved. It will be beneficial to know of all existing endorsement contracts, and to establish a working relationship with your representatives.

14. In addition to my present / past coaches speaking with the Elite Team coordinators is it ok to have my representative / agent do so as well?

a. Yes. Please have your representative(s) call at their convenience. We desire to build mutually beneficial working relationships with each athletes support staff.

15. How involved will the Elite Athletes be with existing MAC teams? Or put another way, how separate will the Elite team be in practices and in competitions?

a. One of our primary goals is to increase overall "team" involvement. Building a single MAC is a very high priority. The Elite Program is indeed a special needs group with different travel schedules, training requirements, etc.. Some Elite Program participants will rotate thru other groups at times depending on specific needs. Elite Group participants will be expected to be involved on various levels throughout the program

16. What outside the pool responsibilities will the Elite Athletes have?

a. Team Responsibilities
* MAC team clinics, Mentoring, Age group meet attendance

b. Public Relations Responsibilities
* Appearances, Interviews, Speaking

c. Community Service Responsibilities
* Projects, Mentoring, Public service adds

17. Will we have to sign a "Code of Conduct?"

a. Yes

18. Are there internships, and work / training opportunities available?

a. Yes. Both will be available with MAC (coaching / teaching) and outside MAC thru our various Corporate partners.

19. What are the educational opportunities available for high school students, college students and post-grads?

a. High School
* Public & Private

b. College / Post Graduate
* University of North Carolina Charlotte, Davidson College, Queens College, Central Piedmont Community College, Johnson & Smith, Johnson & Wales

20. What Housing opportunities are available?

a. Local near pool, Local near work, Apartments, Rental homes, Billeting families

21. Is there any funding from the USOC or USA Swimming?

a. USA Swimming & the USOC have provided limited seed money for development of the MAC Center of Excellence

22. What do the Program dues cover?

a. Facilities - pool, health club / strength, Coaching, Administration, Housing, Team functions, Special training, Miscellaneous

23. Are there any doctors in the area that will work with us or do we find our own under our health insurance?

a. You will need health insurance, but we are in the process of developing a team of Doctors to care for the elite athlete's. This effort has considerable interest and it is quite possible that all standard wellness exams and minor medical needs will be performed on a low cost, or gratis basis.

24. Will there be a trainer in the facility to help with minor soreness or icing? Someone there for treatment after swimming (doesn't have to be a full doctor).

a. The HFFA facility has trainers on staff, but no specific arrangements have been made for their use. Coach Marsh is well aware of the need, and will arrange for the availability of proper pre / post training treatment.

25. What is the policy for holidays? Can we travel when we want? Or is it going to be like college in that we get some time off and have to report back? Would we stay in NC for Christmas or training trip?

a. You will need to plan, coordinate and communicate with the coaching staff, but in general you will be free to set your overall schedule within the Program parameters, which will include training requirements based on your goals and Coach Marsh's plan.
b. Coach Marsh is a strong advocate of off-site training opportunities (camps, trips, etc.). Christmas may be one of the times that occurs, but there will be other times as well.

c. Coach Marsh strives for, and expects to establish and maintain strong professional working relationships with his Elite Program athletes

26. Are any meals provided? (i.e. Olympic training center)

a. Meals will not be provided on a regular basis, however we will provide the services of a registered nutritionist, and may indeed gain a sponsor who could underwrite, in part, the nutritional needs of our Elite athletes.

27. Can we incorporate some of our own out of the water training into our regimen?

a. If it is ideal for you, then absolutely. We would need to learn more about that in order to determine a broader application to the Elite Program.

28. What is the weather like? How is the air quality?

a. Average Temp is 60.1 - Coldest month is Jan @ 39.3, Warmest Month is July @ 89.3 - Average summer temp is 76*F with an average daily range of 20 degrees - Annual rainfall is 43.1", Annual snowfall is 6", Annual sunny days are 214, Humidity is 68% in Feb & 84% in Aug. - Very hot conditions (90* F) occur only 36 days in Charlotte vs. 81 in Jacksonville & 83 in Houston
b. Air quality is very good within the Charlotte area.

29. Does the MAC Board understand and accept the number of swimmers coming in from the outside?

a. Yes and they fully support the Elite Program vision

30. What will our financial commitments entail, including travel?

a. No exact determination on $ yet, but the program fee will be approximately 1.5x the Senior Advanced fee. In addition travel will be a significant cost. Both will be determined within the next month or so. Those may be shared with MAC, USOC, USA Swimming, Program sponsor and individual sponsors depending on the athlete. Travel will be substantial due to proposed off-site training camps, international events, etc. Our hope is that a good portion of those coasts will be underwritten by a major program sponsor.

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