Mobile Technology for Energy and Utilities

Energy company employee wearing a hardhat and using a tablet.

Empower Your Field Workers with Critical Data and Purpose-Driven Mobile Technology Solutions

High performance energy and utilities organizations need field service workers armed with the right tools to capture, assess and share critical data in the harshest of conditions.

Zebra provides the energy and utilities sector with an ecosystem of ruggedized, purpose-driven mobility solutions to give field-service technicians access to current data with real-time guidance through collaborative mobile workflows able to connect networks of more than 10,000 technicians at a time.

Our industry-leading mobile technology solutions are tested to the toughest military standards, compliant with the highest levels of security and available in options built for use in explosive environments. These benefit energy, telecommunications and utilities companies by meeting heightened service demands, improving ROI and gaining a performance edge at the front line of service.

Worker wearing a safety vest, safety glasses and a hardhat using a tablet near machinery.

Gas and Electric

Expand your mobility with Zebra rugged mobile devices

Gas and electric companies must expand their mobility strategies to address today’s unique in-the-field challenges, better manage outages responses, and improve preventative maintenance strategies. Zebra’s rugged mobile devices provides complete situational awareness for field-service technicians, specialized contractors, central dispatchers and managing supervisors to meet today’s high-demand customer service needs in the energy and utilities industry.

Worker wearing a hardhat and safety glasses documenting data on a tablet.


Streamline water utility and field service with mobile technology

Generate new efficiencies across field service operations in the water supply and wastewater management industry with Zebra’s data-powered mobility solutions. Streamline collaborative workflows by distributing more real-time data between field technician teams, customers and assets. Improve the accuracy of dispatch and order execution, schedule planning and tracking, vehicle and inventory checks, technician productivity and more.

Two workers at an electric site talking over a tablet.


Deliver critical mobility for telecommunication field operations

Zebra’s rugged mobile devices deliver the data connectivity, durability and true mobility that telecommunication field operations need to meet the demands of public safety, customer service and critical infrastructure maintenance. As mobile technology continues to allow for improved data accuracy and service response times, Zebra helps drive successful telecommunication management in the field by delivering real-time data during dispatch, incident response and investigation.

Worker wearing a hardhat and gloves using a tablet.

Oil and Gas Production

Boost productivity with utility workflows powered by mobile technology

Oil and gas energy companies need a smart mobility strategy to connect field workers to critical information, both onshore and offshore. Leveraging emerging mobile technologies and faster networks, Zebra’s field-certified rugged mobility devices, with options for use in explosive environments, connect oil and gas field service workers to real-time data that power workflows and generate operational efficiencies across sectors and business groups.

A group of workers wearing a hardhats and safety vests by rocks.


Minimizing worker risk with rugged HazLoc mobile devices

Working in hazardous mining locations involves inherent dangers. Zebra mobile devices are engineered to optimize operations while adhering to the strictest hazard and risk management conditions. Staff can be equipped with products certified for use in explosive environments, geofenced with inclusion and exclusion zones, and carefully monitored and managed in open-pit and underground operations.

The Latest in Energy and Utilities

Group of field service workers

Zebra Field Services Territory

Zebra Field Services rugged tablet and mobility solutions bring a faster, better customer experience to the field.

Three Zebra L10 rugged tablet configurations

L10 Series Fully Rugged Tablet Platform

A variety of tablet configurations and shared accessory ecosystem that sets a new standard in office, vehicle and field-based computing.

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Let Zebra Design an Energy and Utilities Technology Solution That Delivers Your Performance Edge.