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Aristocort (Triamcinolone)

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To sort out and treat dietary causes of eczema, many allergists favor elimination diets over skin testing or immunotherapy. For one thing, skin tests for food are often incorrect, indicating allergy when none is present (or vice versa), even when testing is done by a highly proficient allergist or immunologist. And immunotherapy is generally ineffective against dermatitis of any kind.
Such methods work. In one study, twenty-one infants with allergic dermatitis were put on a strict elimination diet of soya milk, potatoes, rice, buckwheat and other hypoallergenic foods. After two to four weeks on the diet, the dermatitis healed in 33 per cent of the children and improved in another 57 per cent. When cow's milk was tested, reddening, itching and discomfort returned in 65 per cent of the children, virtually proving that milk contributed to the skin rash. Other foods that triggered dermatitis in the infants were fruit, wheat, egg and fish - all common allergens. Blood tests confirmed the diagnosis. The authors conclude by saying that the elimination diet is very useful in controlling dermatitis - and the earlier it's used, the better.
In a similar study, conducted by David J. Atherton, of the Hospital for Sick Children in London, thirty-six children were put on a soya-based diet that excluded cow's milk, eggs, beef and chicken (related food allergens) for four weeks. For the following four weeks, they ate their usual diet. For the last four weeks, they ate a control diet that included cow's milk and eggs, disguised as milk substitutes. About two-thirds of the children who completed the study improved significantly when they avoided milk, eggs, beef and chicken. Three of the children were completely cleared of eczema. The children who did not improve may have been allergic to still other foods, says Dr Atherton.
If staying away from cow's milk and eggs doesn't help, Dr Atherton suggests a testing routine similar to the elimination diets. 'At the end of several months,' says Dr Atherton, 'each patient should have identified a list of foods to which allergy is suspected'.
Once you have identified foods that are safe for you, be sure to eat them no more frequently than once every four days, to reduce the chances that you'll develop new food allergies.
Contact allergy and food allergy are sometimes related. Doctors at the Hitchcock Clinic in Hanover, New Hampshire, discovered five people who were extremely sensitive to Rhus plants - poison ivy, oak and sumac - who also reacted to raw cashew nuts. Cashews, it seems, are related to Rhus plants and can cause generalized skin reactions when the nuts are eaten in large quantities.
That just goes to show that if you have skin allergy, the more you know about the condition, the better your chances of finding relief.
Since worry and stress leave you more vulnerable to an allergic outbreak, doctors generally agree that attention to the emotional aspects of skin allergy also has a bearing on relief. In other words, if you can learn to deal calmly and rationally with your allergy, you stand a better chance of enjoying clear skin.



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