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Serevent (Salmeterol)

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If you exceed the 'ideal weight' charts by ten or twenty pounds, you really have no cause for concern as far as health goes. In fact, some studies show that people who are under their 'ideal weight' by that amount are at a greater risk for disease than their portly friends. But if you're more than twenty pounds overweight, you should probably trim down.
If you're like most people, however, you've already tried to lose weight - more than once. And most likely, you regained anything you lost. You know full well that overeating produces extra pounds, but you haven't been able to get perfect control over your food intake. Well, perhaps it's time to look at over­weight and eating habits in a new way.
Think about the foods you crave, the foods that seem to go straight from your plate to your hips: cakes, pies, ice cream, chips, soda, sweets, cream, cheese and the like. They all contain wheat, milk, eggs, corn (as corn syrup) or sugar - or some combination of those common food allergens.
'These food cravings can be due to an allergy to these foods and, once the offending foods are avoided, the craving can diminish along with the weight,' says Dr Doris J. Rapp, in her book, Allergies and Your Family. In other words, food allergies can explain the compulsive eating behavior that almost always leads to overweight.
There is definitely a link between allergies and obesity,' says Thomas L. Stone, of Rolling Meadows, Illinois. 'When you eat certain foods - especially wheat - you get ravenously hungry and try to eat everything.'
These doctors say that an allergic person's weight loss efforts will fail unless the food allergen is identified and avoided - not merely eaten in smaller quantities.
'If you're allergic to wheat, which is a common allergen in overweight people, and you're accustomed to having the equi­valent of two slices of bread and you cut down to half a slice a day, you're not going to be satisfied,' says Dr Theron Randolph, an allergist in Chicago, Illinois, 'So you'll eat more of something else to fill up.'
Another problem among people with allergies to foods is that they often experience dramatic ups and down in their weight because of water retention, and these fluctuations discourage their weight loss attempts.
'If you eat a food to which you are allergic, you can retain up to 4 per cent of your body weight,' says Dr. Stone. 'That means that if you weigh 150 pounds, you can gain 6 pounds as water within 24 hours. Food-allergy-related weight gain prod­uces certain puffiness.'
A Rotary Diet (in which foods are widely and carefully varied) can help people lose weight, even though the programme is not specifically designed as a weight loss diet. By breaking the cycle of eating allergenic foods every day, you will automatically eat less of those foods andreduce your allergy to them. It's a step away from compulsive eating.
'You can abolish food cravings by taking an organized approach,' says Dr Randolph. 'I don't consider myself an "over­weight expert", but I've seen this work in many people, some of whom have lost phenomenal amounts of weight'



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